3D scanning has never been easier, thanks to our patent-pending solutions. Lenscloud’s hardware and software streamlines the process of creating 3D models. Scan physical objects to place in virtual environment. We create high quality, low poly assets.


Dancing Brett
We have developed our own AR application for 3D models. Our scanning process exports models that are asset ready, with zero cleanup needed.

Dassault Systèmes
Lenscloud worked with 3Dexcite to create a breakthrough user experience. Individuals were scanned with a Lenscloud’s scanner and then able to experience an AR bust of themselves depicted in a variety of materials. The process was fast, automated and memorable.

Straw Bag
Lenscloud converts physical objects into 3D assets with great speed and precision. Our scanner is calibrated so that you can rest assured that your models will be scaled perfectly. our high CRI LED lights will ensure 3D models of your objects will be represented with accuracy.